Cutterfly are the new generation professional scissors “made in Italy”, designed and built to meet the needs of hairstylists and barbers.

Cutterfly is the first and only PATENTED CUTTING SYSTEM made with Tungsten Carbide (hard metal) blades. The performance of these blades are clearly superior to traditional steel scissors and guarantee cutting precision, wear resistance and fatigue resistance.

Virtually no distortion and deformation in the event of a fall.


Light and user-friendly, they favor an agile, comfortable and precise cut, respecting the weight standards of high quality steel scissors.


You can choose the length of the blades and the type of handle according to your specific personal needs to obtain a perfect balance fit for your cutting style.

All Cutterfly models are also available for left-handers.

Why choose Cutterfly

Cutterfly is a unique and revolutionary cutting system

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Carbide tungsten blades

The innovative tungsten carbide blades are patented, guarantee high performance, do not require sharpening and are suitable for all types of cuts.

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Integral titanium handle

There are different types of handles depending on the type of cut to be made.

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It is the handle of the basic scissors. In this case the two rings are perfectly parallel to each other.

It allows you to maintain a lower elbow position during the cutting process.

Anatomical characteristics of the hand-arm system studied to not to tire the user.

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The central pin consists of an adjustable screw that reduces friction and adjusts the smoothness of the stroke of the blades.

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