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Thanks to our vast knowledge and consolidated experience, we are able to both provide assistance to those who already use tungsten carbide, and to design customized components or provide solutions and consultancy to verify the applicability of the material to mechanical components and semi-finished products.

Tungsten carbide guarantees tools with characteristics of strength and wear resistance that are clearly superior to steel, making it a fundamental resource in any production sector.

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Although many companies, compared to other possible solutions, recognize the favorable benefit /cost ratio, there are still many sectors of industrial production which, due to various kinds of perplexities, are still unwilling to use this material.

Understanding the possibilities of further or new economic advantages in replacing steel components with innovative tungsten carbide components can bring a significant advantage in terms of cost and performance.

We can analyze your production line to

identify where tungsten carbide can replace steel in mechanical components and give you top-notch solutions.

We are well familiar with the material and have the expertise to help you.

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