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Tungsten carbide (also known as hard metal) is made up of hard particles embedded in a metal matrix (often cobalt).

It is produced through a process called sintering, in which the powders, available in different grain sizes, are mixed, pressed and then heated. thanks to the high pressure, the granules of the powders come together to form a single piece.

The finished product has a high degree of hardness and a high resistance to pressure, deformation and high temperatures, physical characteristics very useful for countless applications.

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Tungsten carbide can be the solution in all sectors in which there is a high degree of component wear. for this reason it is particularly suitable for the construction of any circular or linear cutting element, mechanical seals, etc.

Hard metal can be used in sectors and production processes that use components for turning, milling, tapping, cutting or fragmentation processes as well as various tools that require material capable of lasting a long time without wearing out, even at high temperatures.

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